Minimally Invasive Vein Treatment

Varicose vein and spider vein treatment options tailored to your needs

Northeast Wisconsin Vein Center understands vein concerns. Treatments are unique to each patient. We offer multiple options to address your individual needs. 

In addition to our in-clinic vein treatment, our team of medical professionals also treat other venous conditions of the body at our partner hospital locations.

Vein treatment in four easy steps:


Your first step towards vein treatment is to contact our office to schedule a free consultation.

A member of our staff will meet with you to conduct a vein screening and examine your legs for any signs of vein disease. They’ll also answer any questions you may have.


An ultrasound will be scheduled in our clinic if your symptoms indicate further investigation is needed.

The ultrasound will be performed by our experts who provide the results and treatment recommendation the same day.


The treatment is performed in our outpatient clinic setting in Neenah, Wisconsin.

Our clinic team will work with your schedule to facilitate treatment as soon as possible so you can enjoy healthier legs.


We will schedule two follow-up appointments to evaluate your treatment and progress. Additional communication is welcomed to assist with your goals towards achieving healthier legs.

Vein disease treatment options

Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT)

Endovenous Laser Treatment is a popular treatment option. This procedure applies a highly concentrated laser to the affected area through a very thin fiber. The fiber is inserted into the vein, closing it off to stop blood flow. The procedure has a reported 98% success rate with little to no scarring afterward.


The VenaSeal closure system is designed to close varicose veins by injecting a small amount of medical adhesive inside of the vein using ultrasound guidance.  The vein is then compressed, causing the vein to close.


An ultrasound or a special light is used to guide a tiny needle into the vein needing treatment. A small amount of medication is then delivered to the vein, stopping the blood flow through the vein. 


Microphlebectomy (also known as “mini phlebectomy” or “ambulatory phlebectomy”) is the removal of varicose veins through tiny incisions in the skin. The small incisions heal quickly and are a low-risk option for vein treatment. Microphlebectomy is performed with a local anesthetic, numbing medication, to the treated area. The target veins are removed with a pencil-sized tool that looks like a crochet hook. A dressing is then applied to the treated area.

Before and after treatment photos









“Dr. Conners and his team provided outstanding care during my vein procedure. Minimal discomfort and immediate improvement in my symptoms. Highly recommend this great group of professionals.”

– Beth W.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality care for all of our patients

Northeast Wisconsin Vein Center patients receive treatment from our vascular specialists in the field of Interventional Radiology.

Our board-certified medical experts take the time to listen to patient needs. This allows us to deliver the best treatment option for each unique situation.

Are you ready to take the first step to treat your vein concerns?


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